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What Are MHSA Systems of Care?

The proven model developed over decades with extensive stakeholder review and contributions.

SYSTEMS OF CARE — the model programs tested in the field for 20 years, reviews by stakeholders over period of years.

 These model programs for children and youth, adults and older adults have standards of care described in law. The code sections describe the range of treatment options that should be offered in a model program — counties and stakeholders can set priorities within the active model.

MHSA law allocates 95% of all tax revenue to these systems of care, which are supposed to have integrated, new prevention program.  The Oversight and Accountability Commission, Chaired by Senator Steinberg for the first three and half years, and the Dept of Mental Health Director agreed upon a different, private plan. The STATE DMH AND OAC changed the law through regulations, proclamations, and public relations campaigns.  MISINFORMATION continues to be repaid today. Clear language in the law requires that the money be held in “TRUST FUND” and used only to expand and upgrade quality of care in the model programs.

Requirements were tossed out.

Spending and policy-making is invented to suit ideas of the people running the show–politicians and bureaucrats are still operating an Ad-Hoc strategy, unknown to the public.

The multi-billion dollar program has no rules in the law.




In 2008, NAMI Ca reported to the OAC:

NAMI MHSA Survey Cover Letter Nov 2008


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