In 2008, NAMI Ca reported to the OAC:

NAMI MHSA Survey Cover Letter Nov 2008



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  1. peterson lafollette | Reply

    “It is extremely important to know the history of and involvement in Proposition 63 to know where it has
    been,where it is,and where it is going. This is a member organization funded by taxpayer dollars.”

    In the reply on topic of employment, a Ventura County Behavioral Health WET spokesperson “contracting” asked about was my work at Client Network, which ended when they informed
    me I was being angry and disruptive. I received organization poverty for my efforts, not union wages but woeful little for uncounted hours performed under CN contract.
    I finally waved payment and continue as a volunteer, the pay was so insulting and the need for advocacy so great.
    I had been commenting, as did local NAMI Carol Luppino and Cece Casey at department meetings on a two tier system,
    unmet needs of underserved consumers/family members under state Mental Health Services Act funding, (MHSA)
    needs for more positive outcomes, and a stronger intergrated stakeholder process.
    My area has been systems transformation at our county- a MHSA written guideline, as is my work with the
    Ventura County Client Network in effective grass roots advocacy at local level, is another MHSA platform.
    It is my lived experience, and what I signed on for in participating in PROP 63 stakeholder guidelines.

    I attempted a dialogue on improving services and delivery
    and the following is a summary of what I spoke of at recent Client Network meeting and have observed at Client Network operation
    the same issues we struggle with at Adult Housing and Services outcomes which is too much VCBH central power and not enough MHSA process:

    MHSA under Client Network, and potentially Adult H&S policy direction, has turned into something entirely different now
    by removing the stakeholder dynamics replaced with a business model- the fiscal agent from Client Network (ILRC) writes that Network
    paid staff also sets policy and serves as Board of Directors. This surprises me for a non-profit. There is
    conflict of interest when paid staff also sets policy and serves as Board of Directors and Steering Committee,
    both directing Business Administrator/Treasurer to carry out the Officers’ policies and decisions. This is
    too much central power without due or a democratic process involving all attending CN members/MHSA stakeholders.

    I had asked to be put on the recent fall 2012 CNetwork agenda
    for purposes of commenting of a two tier effect. This never sat well with me under MHSA stakeholder engagement, process and systems transformation. The office, equipment,
    money, opportunity to participate, is property and domain of all consumers, not exclusive of some, but all who desire to engage in systems matters- not limited to business matters. The “business”
    is of systems transformation and engagement. Otherwise sets up disenfranchisement which interferes with stakeholder process. Sweeping decisions are not to be made by
    officers but follow a process of engagement and transformation. I sent this info to David Deutch to discuss and resolve
    and he responded planning a meeting that never happened.

    I am re-requesting a MHSA policies meeting, and look forward to conversations of positive outcome on direction of Client Network.
    After unsatisfactory conditions of Client Network concerns, I informing them of my decision to stay in the network and continue
    the advocacy work I began more than two years ago, and my inclusion in the process of systems transformation as
    a consumer under the guidelines of the Mental Health Services Act.

    The recent state advocacy legislative letter is a request for a state audit, resulting in reform and improvement, of MHSA outcome.
    There has been inadequate partnering with consumer/family member stakeholder in systems process , and
    little outreach and engagement from the county departments on systems change. The best innovative programming
    has been consumer sourced. The recovery modeled by MHSA contract language is meant for an engaged
    transformational process. Growth of the county programs have been an expanding bureacracy without providing
    needed direct services- As has been our funding, which is unbalanced and top heavy. Please contact enclosed legislative
    email addresses with your comments and on-going discussions on inclusive systems change and transformation
    as written.

    I still believe Prop 63 MHSA resulting culture to be the most exciting dynamic to come CA recovery population, and desire to continue membership
    participation to CA CLIENT NETWORK. However I experienced past chaos with no leadership support- a business model
    and not MHSA Client Centered consensus approach. I have ten years here in Ventura of systems transformation under MHSA and Ventura
    County Client Network and VC Advisory Board duties, and have learned it takes effort and considerable time.

    About Peterson Lafollette

    Critic of current forms of governance harmful to poor/disabled.
    It is my Spiritual nature to cause no harm to any living entity. I am an activist, so that you might understand what is in my blood, on the LaFollette side, of a sensitive as well as musical nature, peace, social justice and gentleness of a spiritual nature sorely lacking in this age of violence and sadness. When you look at something from the air and you don’t see the boundaries or separation, but a continuous whole we are all a part of. These days I do my best to note this positive life plane we share, something much larger than separate selves. 10/23/12

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