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Right to Treatment–Civil rights battle of our time.

The Campaign for a RIGHT TO TREATMENT of mental illnesses is a central force for positive change.

OUR PRIMARY MISSION: California Must Budget Equal Access and Quality in Public Health Care for both mental and physical illnesses. End the separate and unequal system.  MediCal Insurance Must Guarantee access to the same “medically essential treatment” for mental and physical illnesses.   EQUAL & UNIFIED


  1. California does not recognize mental illnesses as a legitimate medical condition.
  2. MediCal coverage in public health systems guarantees “medically necessary treatment” only for physical illnesses–and  denies this right for mental illnesses.
  3. The state obtains a “waiver” from the federal government that allows county systems to deny equal treatment for mental illnesses. There are no guarantees.
  4. MediCal insurance isolates mental health care from the mainstream medical system—and creates an artificial divide between mental and physical Health Care.

FACTS is a partnership with families, consumers, and direct providers who are fighting for mental health parity, which means equal rights to treatment for physical and mental illnesses, equal access, and equal standards of care.

PROP 63 REVENUE MUST NOW TARGET EXPANSION OF EQUALITY–and the state must enforce provisions of the law enacted by voters

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