Right to Treatment-Civil Rights Battle of our Times

In 2016, the demand for an equal RIGHT TO TREATMENT of serious mental illness is becoming a central force for positive change.

OUR PRIMARY MISSION: California Must Budget Equal Access and Quality in Public Health Care for both mental and physical illnesses. End the separate and unequal system.  MediCal Insurance Must Guarantee access to the same “medically necessary treatment” for mental and physical illnesses.   EQUAL & UNIFIED


  1. California does not recognize serious mental illness as a legitimate medical condition.
  2. Medicaid insurance in public health guarantees “medically necessary treatment”for physical illnesses–and  denies this right for serious mental illnesses.
  3. The state obtains a “waiver” from the federal government that allows county systems to deny equal treatment for serious mental illnesses. There are no guarantees.
  4. Medicaid/MediCal insurance isolates serious mental illness from mainstream medicine –and creates an artificial divide between mental and physical Health Care.
  5. Prop 63 annual revenue of $1.5 billion must fund full parity to expand programs required by MHSA law, serve individuals required by law, and end the crisis-driven system.

FACTS is a partnership with families, consumers, and direct providers who are fighting for mental health parity, which means equal rights to treatment for physical and mental illnesses, equal access, and equal standards of care.

PROP 63 REVENUE MUST NOW TARGET EXPANSION OF EQUALITY–and the state must enforce provisions of the law enacted by voters.




One response

  1. What a wonderful opportunity to collaborate on the broken system of care with all parties- consumers, family members, professionals, all wanting RECOVERY and Health Equity. Crisis and opportunity- the same symbol. Change has to happen. Going straight to the top and meeting with Elected Officials at the State Level with a group of at least 50 citizen watchdogs might be a start. MHSOAC accountability is an idea and that’s all it is.

    I sat on the Services Committee for two years. At the final term meeting, the majority of the committee members were requesting linkage to other OAC Committees and outcomes, better access to the OAC Commission, more established and improved continuity between all committees, open lines of communications, and more collaborative less defensive process and more inclusion at all times. These policies continues the status quo, prevent stakeholder engagement and progress, are both in need of restructuring and are repressive to MHSA stakeholders, which illustrates broad frustration in the lack of progress of the services act. Committee membership outvoted and outparticipated OAC staff on the policy and procedure discussion and by virtue of process, request more access to and inclusion in all meetings and policy outcome.

    Pete LaFollette 2/9/15
    MHSA Stakeholder

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