ACTION Alert: See How to work for mental health parity in MediCal.

California Legislators Must Lead Change. Amend state law that excludes serious mental illnesses from guarantee of essential treatment. MediCal does not cover “medically necessary treatment” for Serious Mental Illnesses.  And the Federal Affordable Care Act does not change this history of discrimination.

“Mental Health Parity” does not apply to people dependent upon public mental health care. Californians are entitled to MediCal if disabled by a diagnosed Serious Mental Illness–but not entitled to treatment of that disability. SEND THIS MESSAGE TO YOUR STATE ASSEMBLY AND SENATE REPRESENTATIVES–Let them know that YOU KNOW that California discriminates against treatment of serious mental illnesses  Ask them to introduce law to guarantee mental health parity in Medicaid Managed Care for all Serious Mental Illnesses. 

County Mental Health Directors and Capitol Lobbyists who claim to represent mental health consumers and families are NOT Advocates for equal rights to treatment.  NOW IS TIME TO END A FEDERAL WAIVER THAT LEGALIZES DISCRIMINATION–But YOU must be a party to change.

  1. Right to Treatment partners activate strategy to Teach, Touch, Transform to change political priorities.  NOW IS THE TIME TO END THE DISCRIMINATORY UNDER-FUNDING OF MENTAL ILLNESS TREATMENT.
  2. Right to Treatment partners call for priority funding of mental health parity and compliance with Prop 63 Law, MHSA TAX REVENUE MUST TARGET EQUAL AND UNIFIED PUBLIC HEALTH.

SEE OUR RIGHT2TREATMENT WEBSITE for information on political action, resources, opportunities to make your voice heard.


Campaign for a RIGHT TO TREATMENT of mental illnesses. It is time to act on the knowledge of FAILURE documented by countless reports from individual counties, investigative news stories, and the tragic increases in suicide, incarcerations, and lockups of every kind. $$Billions in Prop 63 tax revenue is not improving lives of 600,000 people dependent upon public mental health. ACT on the knowledge known by all informed Californians. Turn this failure around, question status-quo, fund what we know.   THE RESULTS ARE IN:

“No evidence of effectiveness…no evidence of benefits…no evidence of compliance with Prop 63 law.” 

2012-122 -Auditor’s Plan 

Prop 63 must contribute to achieving equity.  For ten years, we have been asking why quality and access are declining. Why is treatment money intended for prevention being spent on programs unrelated to mental illnesses?  12 years and $17 Billion —NO ANSWERS.  Act now on our knowledge of failure. 

Say “YES” to action and join us at 


One response

  1. California state mental hospitals plagued by peril,0,4051609.story

    Mental Illness F.A.C.T.S.(c) Family And Consumer True Stories
    This article confirms what I know personally as my son has spent the last two months at Napa State Hospital. The young 26 year old who jumped to his death from the balcony was a Contra Costa County client. My son and this young man had crossed paths during the course of their treatment histories. I remember his face and watched him watch 49er football games as I visited my son at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center in 2010. My son went to California Psychiatric Transitions in Merced County and this young man went to Napa State, their paths never to cross again.

    While at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, this young 26-year-old man assaulted my son. I arrived for a visit one day to find my son’s face swollen. While I was upset to see my son harmed, I didn’t blame this young man, as I knew that he was suffering from symptoms. My son didn’t blame him either. We actually knew that it could have been the other way around. It has been the other way around many times. We forgave him. In some strange way I felt a connection to him and wondered where his family was and if he had anybody who cared. I knew that he was waiting for a bed a Napa and hoped that he would find the help he needed.

    The truth is that my son and this young man were fighting over placements without even knowing that they were in the bed dance competition. Napa and CPT are considered the placements of last resort. My son apparently won the round and was sent to CPT. This placement was no victory and it still haunts him as he describes the nightmares and trauma from his 9-month stay. Now things have come full circle and my son looks for ways to end the nightmares at Napa State Hospital.

    Some say that my son got special treatment because I am his advocate. My son’s journey and our family journey have been anything but special. Our so-called special treatment has been a tortured year of failed placements, failed treatment plans, failed oversight, failed respect, failed health. With all of the failures there have been bright spots of heroic attempts by line staff, administrators, conservators, community-based agencies to provide care without sufficient resources. Those heroic attempts will wrap me in a spirit of just culture and partnership as I pursue health and system accountability for my son and all of those like my son who have nobody.

    While millions of dollars of Prop 63 have been spent on the so called “transformation” of the California mental health system,” we are allowing some of our most vulnerable California mental health clients to remain “at serious risk of harm, even death.” My son is one of those clients.

    The transformation will only be achieved when we stop pretending that things are improving. This is not about a political or budget cycle but a life cycle. I will not rest until this scandalous misuse and waste of taxpayer’s money is stopped and those who require involuntary services by law are provided equity under Prop 63.

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